Power Enterprise Head Gasket Mits.Evo VIII







Thickness 1.2 mm φ87 mm 4663

Paking head ini adalah paking yang sama yang kami gunakan pada semua Mits.Evo kami, paking ini merupakan salah 1 paking yang paling kuat menahan HP besar dan boost besar.

Facts on the Power's True Grommet Metal Gasket.

1) 14,220+ psi of gas pressure rated, it shuts extremely high pressure gas cause by knocking. Fuel burns at high temperature of more than 2000 degree celsius and the gas pressure of 120-150 kgf/c instantaneously in a combustion chamber of a high powered turbo engines. Under these conditions, a cylinder head gasket must shut off combustion gas completely and the same time seal oil and coolant. A special grommets in Power Heavy Metal Gasket are designed to create a surface pressure (a pressure against gasket and head and cyliner surface) of 800-1000 kgf/c to withstand a gas pressure of 14,000+psi. It seems to be a "over kill" but Power's gaskets are made "warry free" for the world's top engine builders for many races with single gasket. 
2) The surface pressure of 800-1000 kgf/cm2 is the highest pressure recommended for OE aluminum heads without deforming the structure of the head. Other leading maker's stopper type multi layer gasket creates excessive 1400kgf/cm2 only on the edge of the cylinders, resulting in deforming the surface of head & block and loosing the surface pressure around water & oil holes due to uneven sealing pressure. To have perfect Oil and water sealing on the 15 to 20 micron surface, it requires minimum of 50kgf/cm2 ( 711psi) surface pressure around the holes with an excellent elastomic substance to fill the rough surface. 
3.It supports 800HP turbo engine's extreme gas pressure 
4.The surface of the "Heavy Metal Gasket" is fuzed (Chemical Bonding) with Nitrile Rubber know as NBR. The FKM material which commonly used in majority of leading metal head gaskets today for the purpose of lowering the production cost. 
5. Grommet area withstands against friction or scrubing between the head & block during the metal expansion
6. when the engine overheats, or normally heating up to a proper temperature, the heat cause expansion of metal, called thermal expansion. Each different materials expands different rates. This is especially true with aluminum cylinder heads because its thermal expansion rate of two times as much as cast iron. The difference in thermal expansion rates cause the "scrubbing," where the head gasket can be torn resulting in loosing surface pressure in critical areas. This is one of critical time for inferior gaskets fails.